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At DBA Fitness Edge we know what it takes to achieve results, to overcome obstacles and to learn, grow and reach optimal Performance in Body, Mind and Life.

Not your generic gym or fitness program, DBA Fitness Edge is a fitness facility where we believe in you – a place where you can belong – and we also offer you mobile and online service.

Through our fitness, health and massage programs, not only can you look good, but you can live every day with abundant energy and achieve fitness and strength beyond your expectations. Enjoy a physical capacity that empowers you to scale your highest mountain, break your own records, and achieve those dreams that scare you.

We work with athletes at all levels and in all sports – running, cycling, triathlon and endurance events, to name a few. You can improve your overall health and wellbeing, lose weight and gain confidence, improve your body function, and obtain blessed pain relief through massage and corrective therapies.

No quick fixes or gimmicks here. Our scientifically proven methods for training, nutrition and massage are guaranteed to produce the results you need.

With a holistic approach using highly effective mindset and goal setting techniques, our philosophy is to train smarter, not harder. Our specialised, personalised programs are highly successful in guiding you towards optimal health and performance.

We collaborate with the best allied health services to get you into the shape of your life – massage therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, nutritionists and Chinese medicine practitioners.

This integrated, scientific approach achieves amazing results and we believe everyone is capable of achieving results beyond their expectations.




Decrease Pain


Boost Health


Complete Performance

We give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you are not happy with your results, we will refund your consultation. Simple as that.

We look forward to connecting with you and seeing you achieve your goals!

Our Services

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Personal Training

We provide a wide range of training options to suit all clients' personal needs and deliver results.

Personal Training Options

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Specialised Coaching

Personal coaching and online program sessions are available to assist athletes achieve their goals.

Specialised Coaching Options

Massage Therapy

Decreased pain, improved function and increased performance are benefits remedial massage can provide.

Massage Treatments

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About Us

At DBA Fitness Edge we help you build physical fitness and strength that that empowers you in body and mind and enables you to live every day with abundant energy.

In everything we do – training, coaching, remedial massage – we are driven by deeply held values that we share with you through our professional work:

Dream – set ambitious but realistic goals, never standing still, always looking ahead

Believe – in yourself, your dreams and your ability to overcome inevitable obstacles

Achieve – success in gaining increased vitality, health, mindfulness, positivity, perseverance and achieve your fitness and athletic goals

We are a highly experienced Fitness and Coaching service and we build an unsurpassed personal connection and understanding of you and deliver expertly designed training and treatment programs that elicit real, ongoing benefits.

Our proven methods increase your results in a safe, effective manner. We treat all our clients as individuals and coach you, not just train you.

We ensure everyone feels important and looked after, no matter what their goals and capabilities, and we help everyone get the results they seek.

Our programs provide:
In-depth screening and assessment
Progressive and periodised program and treatment design
Technique and biomechanical correction
Accountability and support
Increased motivation

No matter whether you are an elite athlete or someone suffering chronic muscular pain, or perhaps seeking a general improvement in health and fitness, we can help.



"The key to my injury prevention program is regular body maintenance sessions with Heidi. With the right treatment I am able to recover faster and train harder between races enabling me to perform at my peak."
Andy Turner, Ultra-marathon runner

“I’ve been seeing Heidi for more than 3 years for remedial massage. I’ve found her knowledge and skill really sets her apart from the rest. With my intensive training regime it’s important for me to be in top physical condition.”
John Cochrane, VIS track cyclist