Personal Training



Personal training and fitness coaching can benefit everyone, whether you are seeking the ultimate edge in your sport or just want that feeling of vitality every day of your life.

The benefits go far beyond sporting performance and can improve almost every aspect of your health and wellbeing.

Increased body awareness, self-confidence, happiness and mental strength
Improved health and fitness, endurance, speed, power and agility
Increased lean muscle, decreased body fat and increased knowledge
Decreased stress and muscular aches
Increased flexibility and range of movement

DBA Fitness Edge offers many options: One-on-One Training, Small-Group Training with two to six people per session, and Boot Camp sessions that anyone – even online coaching.

We don’t just give you a training session. We educate you along the way, to give you the tools you can use in your daily lives to achieve real lasting results and goals.


Our F.L.S. Program - Fitter Leaner Stronger - is designed to get you feeling fitter in every way; improve cardio fitness, increase strength, decrease body fat, increase energy, improve your mental fortitude and self belief in all you can accomplish.

Get personalised programs, assessments, feedback and long term results. Contact us now to get started.

Choose the Group, Private Small Group or 1-on-1 Personal Training that works for you.


Group Training

Starting at $20 for a casual class.

Group Training and Coaching Plans are available and highly sort after to optimise your results.

Private Small Group Training

Starting at just $25 per person for a 30 minute session.

Prices will vary based upon numbers per session, duration and frequency.

1-on-1 Personal Training

Starting at just $50  per session.

Prices will vary based upon duration and frequency.

Direct Debit payment method preferred.

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We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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DBA Fitness Edge Group Training

      Train Smarter, Not Harder

Our programs target all aspects of complete fitness throughout the course of each week.  Scientific systems and training principles are utilised to deliver ongoing improvement and results.   The training programs are periodised and progressed as each person improves. You will be continually stimulated and see results. 

At DBA Fitness Edge we utilise functional movements and exercises and don’t waste time on the latest 'fads'. Our programs incorporate the use of :

TRX trainingWoman-on-Beach_Crossfit-Woman_
Body weight exercises
Free weights
Steady state endurance
Interval & Fartlek training
Metabolic / HIIT training

There is so much debate within the fitness industry as to what training is best. The truth is there is a time and a place for most forms of training.  It depends on so many factors as to what is best for YOU.  We can help you with the correct training for your needs and goals.  And to truly get the best results, you need a blend of many different forms of training.

The group sessions are limited to smaller numbers so that everyone is treated personally, with correction, help and specific coaching for each person.

Specific strength for endurance athletes can be incorporated into these sessions, as well as run privately.  Enquire here if you want to improve your endurance performance with specific strength and conditioning coaching. 

Training Sessions & Times

  6:00 am 8:30 am 5:30 pm 6:00 pm
Monday Strength & Conditioning
(Strength & endurance focus)
  Cycle - Indoor spin  
Tuesday       Outdoor/Indoor Circuit
Wednesday Strength & Conditioning
(Strength focus)
Thursday       Cycle - Indoor spin
(with Run & Core)
Friday Cardio / Core Cardio / Core    

You must register for each class, or be on a current coaching program to attend.
Bootcamp sessions and Run training have unlimited numbers.
Monthly Bootcamps and free Hikes are available.

DBA Fitness Edge Training Sessions

STRENGTH + CONDITIONING class – strength endurance focus
We focus on improving your core and your muscles' ability to stabilise and always perform correctly in all our sessions.  We then go on to increasing your body's ability to repeat strength and conditioning exercises for extended periods of time, improving your lactate threshold and increasing muscle tone.

Cycling indoors with a difference!   No ordinary spin class here. We utilise the great programming from SUFFERFEST Cycling. Sessions that truly challenge your legs and lungs, and improve your cycling ability and fitness  levels to new heights.  Working on speed, strength, power and endurance. The complete package.

STRENGTH + CONDITIONING class – strength focus
Focus here is on imbalances and core activation. We use heavier or more difficult exercises with lower repetitions to improve your body's strength, and build lean muscle mass. Everyone gets a program and exercises that are specific for them. 

Here we have a mix of everything.  Be challenged in every way with a blend of full Body Strength, resistance, cardio , individual and group work. This session suits all abilities, it's hard work but great fun.   

CARDIO/CORE  training
Improve your lung capacity, your fitness level and burn through those calories in this session filled with cycling, running, boxing, skipping, body weight strength and conditioning, with your CORE muscles engaged and being used the entire time.   

Come and join us in a friendly group run.  Learn how to run efficiently with good technique building up your endurance and strength in the process.  These sessions are a blend of long steady runs and interval training.  We can tailor a session specifically to fit in with your training goals, or it can be a general fitness session.