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Heidi Buntrock   B.App.Sci.H.M.

Heidi Buntrock is the owner and Head Coach at DBA Fitness Edge. She’s worked in the fitness and health industry as a coach, trainer, and masseur for 17 years, and has competed at elite level in triathlon and at National level as an elite cyclist.

She is passionate about health, fitness and sport and helping others achieve their dreams and goals. She believes we are all capable of more than we realise and she works to help others achieve a strong mind, body and empowered life! “Fit, strong and healthy is a way of life, not just a destination”.

Heidi provides quality, thorough and personalised treatment and coaching using proven, scientific systems and methods to get long term results for all her clients. There are no quick fixes or gimmicks. 

Heidi has personally worked with a wide diversity of clients in her personal training and massage career to help them achieve their goals. 

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Works with elite athletes.
Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS).
Strength and Conditioning Coach with state and national swimmers.
Providing strength and conditioning programs and coaching to cyclists and triathletes.
Provided massage and recovery treatment to Australian Triathlon Team squads.
Works with mature-age clients developing hydrotherapy, strength programs, injury rehab programs, and lifestyle improvement programs.
Sports trainer with Division 1 Australian Rules Football Club.
Experienced in 1-on-1 and small group environments with clients of all ages and abilities.
Advising, coaching and personal training for weight loss / muscle gain, fitness improvement, sports specific performance coaching,  strength gains, nutrition, health and lifestyle management.

Professional Qualifications

Bachelor of Sports Science degree in Human Movement.
Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy.
Qualified Centrality Health Consultant.
Qualified Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach, including 12 months at the VIS.
Sports/Therapeutic Massage Therapist.
Qualified Personal Trainer.
Qualified Level 1 Triathlon Coach.

Jamie Bailey

Jamie has been committed to health and fitness his whole life. A competitive athlete throughout his school years, Jamie’s drive and determination saw him join the military after school where he served 8 years in the Australian Army, 7 in Special Operations Command with the elite 2nd Commando Regiment.

The selection process to be chosen as a Commando is one of the toughest in the world and the calibre of soldier produced demands that all who are selected must continue to maintain extremely high levels of fitness and peak health to be able to keep up on the missions that are assigned to them.

Throughout this time Jamie cultivated a deep passion for physical training and fitness, as well as developing a passion for training mental focus. He continued to train throughout his career, develop his knowledge through research and experimentation, until his peers considered him a “go to” resource for fitness advice. In his last year Jamie was responsible for delivering training and development packages and was well regarded as an instructor and speaker.

Post military Jamie took up Ultra Endurance Mountain Biking which culminated with the opportunity to ride for the Anytime Fitness/Trek (now Trek Australia) Mountain Bike Team after a run of solid results including qualifying to race in the elite category at the solo 24 hour world championships.

Jamie’s drive carries on today in his determination to help others achieve their best. He is passionate about working with people to help them get into the best shape of their lives or prepare for specific events and also believes that physical training is an amazing vehicle to promote self development and improvement.

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DBA Fitness Edge Professional Partners

Roger Bergner

Roger Bergner

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Life Coaching
Mindfulness & Meditation.

m  |  0437 660 593     p   |  PO Box 304, Emerald, VIC 3782     w  |  writeyourlife.com.au

Roger specialises in personal empowerment for those seeking their own unique and integrated journey.

He has a special interest in uncovering and connecting his clients with their potential, so they can get from life what they really came for.

His programs are created with the individual in mind. Each person has their own journey to travel in their own way, at their own pace and with their own unique challenges.