Steve Dinneen


Steve Dinneen  |  Elite athlete, osteopath, coach

I first meet Heidi over 15 years ago while studying a Bachelor Applied Science - Human Movement at University and later working at the same health centre. Over this time she has demonstrated a great amount of knowledge and understanding of the health & fitness industry while constantly developing her skills in these areas. Now working as an Osteopath, I refer several of my clients to Heidi who are looking for a personal trainer. The feedback has always been great with them loving the tough challenging work outs.

Being an elite runner myself, I regularly get massages from Heidi which may be tough at times but has helped keep me injury free for over 4 years. I value these treatments so much that I refer both my clients & athletes that I coach to her for regular massages. Like myself, they often comment about the great results from these massages.



Jedda Brennan  |  Athlete

I have been training with Heidi for the last 9 months, and I’ve seen huge personal benefits.

I was initially attracted to the Heidi’s background in sports science and triathlons at a professional level, thinking that this might give her an edge in terms of experience to other personal trainers. I was not disappointed.

Heidi listens to me, makes sure she understands my goals and assesses my fitness, strength and mobility. The programs she puts together keep me challenged every week.

Since training with Heidi, I’ve seen great results in my overall strength and fitness, which in conjunction to the cycling training she has given me, has dramatically improved my speed and endurance on the bike. 

Working with Heidi has given me more confidence in myself. I’ve now tried new things and with her encouragement set more challenging long term goals.

Heidi is a great person to work with. I see her as more my coach, not just a personal trainer. I recommend her without reservation.

Andy Turner  |  Ultra-distance competitor

I started running ultra-distance races and adventure racing 8 years ago, for the last few years I have averaged 15 races a year. The key to my injury prevention program is regular body maintenance session with Heidi.

With the right treatment I am able to recover faster and train harder between races enabling me to perform at my peak. Heidi’s knowledge of the human body and her passion/commitment to elite sport is the perfect combination when it comes to treating athletes who have a high demand on their bodies.

Without Heidi’s help I would not be the runner I am today.

Evette Anderson  |  Company director

It's been an amazing 2.5 years training at DBA Fitness Edge. What was meant to be a quick rehab program after a snow ski accident has become part of my life, two mornings a week. 

Gym and running have always been part of my daily routine. As my life was getting busier with family life and a fast growing business, I was finding less time for my fitness. Training twice a week with Heidi is what gets me through many tough, busy weeks both mentally and physically.

Heidi is constantly creating new programs to increase my strength and fitness level, at the same time keeping it challenging. Her knowledge and connections in the health and fitness industry is outstanding, if she doesn't know something she will find out.

Thank you for everything. l look forward to many more years of training with DBA Fitness Edge.

John Cochrane  |  VIS track cyclist

I’ve been seeing Heidi for more than 3 years now for remedial massage treatment.

I’ve found her knowledge and skill really sets her apart from the rest.

With my intensive training regime it’s very important for me to be in top physical condition, this is where I get great benefit from Heidi’s treatments.

Jenny James  |  Teacher

I have found training with DBA Fitness Edge to be an incredibly rewarding experience.

It’s a very personalised program which caters for my whole body training whilst also training in small groups. Whilst training with the DBA, I have improved my strength, flexibility and overall fitness. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the early morning and evening sessions as well as the monthly assessments. The trainer, Heidi, has guided and inspired me to reach my potential.

It’s also great to see everyone’s fitness improve, as well as their self-esteem. This is certainly one of the best programs to help you become fitter and stronger!